Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cuti sekolah untuk budak sekolah sahaja please.

Adik-adik monyet ada di KL sekarang.

Cuti sekolah+majlis pertunangan along yang bakal berlangsung esok ( OMGOMGOMG) di rumah saya di Shah Alam neh

Mari sama-sama berdoa semuanya akan berjalan lancar =)

Sementara itu,sila nikmati gambar adik-adik monyet di Pusat Sains

Sakit kaki kakak di paksa jalan kesana dan kemari dan menjadi photographer xbertauliah mereka.

oh ok.sila skrol bawah jangan pandang gambar latest kakak gemuk tapi belum preggy preggy lagi hish

muka macam taik je penat.


i posted my gambar cos i wana do a balance checking later down the road.see if im getting chubbier or skinnier.

ok bye

Monday, 25 March 2013

My Favourite Flat Shoes!!!

Have u guys got this flat? It is super amazing!

Bought these pair from EastWear,Plaza Alam Sentral at rm29.90 and it was uh-mazingggg!

You feels like you wear nothing at all yet both your feet are protected!

Love it!!

p/s: i might be among the annoyed people who get the information and the upto date stuff by mail =_=

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Loya-->Muntah--->UltrasOund-->Bloated STomach--->Retroverted Uterus??

Dear Friends,

i hate to blog soo early in the morning like i got nothing else to do..But since hubby is not around and will not be around for a very long time, i am left alone and had nobody to rambling to.

Therefore please bear with me for a while ..untill i get a hold of my loneliness siuation here.

Anyway, on last Friday, i was on MC.

Got this unbearable pain on my left side of lower ab so i quickly went off to visit my GP.

He pinch several places on my lower abs and asked me to do few checkups routine and urine test and i am not preggy-as expected.

Anyway since i have this horrible pain on the side where my left ovary supposed to be..he referred me to Tropicana Medical Centre for utrasound.

i-who have been longing to experience ultrasound-jumped to the idea and promptly shoot to Tropicana which is only few kms from home.

Did the ultrasound for the first time in my life.

To be honest, as a woman,and never been preggie before, i am quite nervous to the idea.i am worried sick if we found out later that i have cyst or fibroids or any anomaly that make it difficult for me to conceive.

It turn out that---> everything is normal.Bladder,Liver Uterine both ovaries are in good condition.

Except my lefy ovary is obstructed by bowel gas -->So doc cant really seen what is happening.

But other than that-no abnormality seen in my ultrasound.



(there will always be a BUT right?)

I have learn something new about my anatomy on that day.

I was found to have a retroverted uterus!

Anybody have any idea what is retroverted uterus is?

As  explains it perfectly-->

Apa itu rahim terbalik atau rahim retroverted?

Adalah nama yang diberikan kepada rahim yang membengkok kebelakang. Rahim terbalik adalah istilah yang silap diberikan kerana ia sebenarnya tidak terbalik sama sekali.
Kebanyakkan wanita dilahirkan dengan rahim lurus ataupun sedikit terjungkit kebelakang atau kedepan. Rahim Retroverted cuma merupakan salah satu variasi kedudukan rahim dan selalunya tidak berkaitan dengan sebarang masalah kesihatan.
Walaubagaimanapun, ia kadang-kadang menyebabkan kesakitan semasa bersama atau semasa haid dan, pada segolongan kecil wanita ia mungkin merupakan salah satu tanda sistem peranakan bermasalah.

Sebab terjadi rahim terbalik (RT)?

Pada kebanyakkan wanita, penyebab utama ialah genetik kerana mereka dilahirkan dengan rahim terbalik dan normal secara keseluruhannya.
Tetapi terdapat juga faktor yang lain yang menjuruskan anda untuk mengalami RT, ia termasuklah:
  • Kehamilan: Semasa hamil rahim membesar dan otot yang menyokong rahim akan menjadi lemah. Disebabkan itu, ramai wanita mendapati mereka mengalami RT selepas melahirkan.
  • Menopos: Semasa menopos, hormon estrogen yang berkurangan menyebabkan otot tersebut menjadi lemah dan berada pada kedudukan retroverted.
  • Masalah pada sistem peranakan. Penyakit radang pelvis dan endometriosis boleh menyebabkan rahim retroverted kerana parut yang terjadi akibat penyakit ini menarik rahim kebelakang menyebabkan rahim bertukar posisi.

Apakah gejala RT?

Kebanyakkan tiada apa-apa gejala tetapi sekiranya ada, ia selalunya berkaitan dengan sakit semasa hubungan seks atau semasa haid
Gejala lain yang sangat jarang ialah:
  • Sakit belakang
  • Sakit semasa kencing
  • Masalah kesuburan

Bagaimana untuk mengetahui samada saya mengalami RT?

Sekiranya anda mengalami simtom seperti diatas, doktor selalunya akan membuat:
  • Pemeriksaan pelvis atauvagina
  • Pemeriksaan imbasan ultrasound
  • Ujian ini dengan senang dapat mendiagnos samada anda mengalami RT atau tidak.

Bilakah RT ini boleh memberi masalah kepada saya?

Sekiranya anda di diagnosakan mengalami RT dan dalam masa yang sama mengalami:
  • Sakit senggugut yang keterlaluan
  • Haid yang tidak teratur
  • Masalah keguguran
Anda mungkin mengalami masalah lebih dari sekadar RT biasa. Pemeriksaan imbasan ultrasound atau ujian diagnostik laparoskopi selalunya dapat memberikan jawapan terhadap punca masalah itu.

Adakah RT boleh memberi kesan kepada kesuburan saya?

Ramai wanita yang mengalami RT risau ia mungkin akan memberi kesan kepada kesuburan tetapi fakta sebenar ialah kebanyakkannya wanita yang mengalami RT akan hamil dan mengalami kelahiran yang normal sebagaimana yang lainnya.
Walaubagaimanapun, sekiranya anda sukar hamil dalam masa yang sama, ia mungkin tanda masalah sistem peranakan. Berjumpalah dengan doktor anda untuk pemeriksaan lanjut, doktor mungkin akan membuat penilaian samada anda mempunyai endometriosis atau masalah sistem peranakkan yang lain.

Apakah saya memerlukan rawatan?

Sekiranya tiada masalah lain seperti endometriosis atau radang pelvis dan anda masih mempunyai masalah sakit semasa haid dan semasa hubungan seks, doktor mungkin menyarankan:
  • Senaman kegel: untuk menguatkan kembali otot yang lemah
  • Pesari: Alat plastik yang yang diletakkan dalam vagina untuk menyokong rahim.
  • Pembedahan: Prosedur dimana otot uang menyokong rahim akan dipotong dan dipendekkan. Selalunya dilakukan secara laparoscopi.

Anybody have been diagnosed with the same retroverted uterus?

It supposed to be 1:3 or 1:5 women have retroverted uterus.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pregnancy And what Do i think about it.

Since i didnt talk about it publicly via the web..i do talk about it A LOT with my friends..

Every friends knew me well and knew how much i love babies and kids. So when im finally married..the next step is of course to popping out lotsof babies ..

There are lotsof arguments coming from the already married people such as:

1) U just recently married!? Enjoy the living as TWO first and once u gt enough of it..then u can start plan for babies.

2)My dear, you are still young ( I am 28 btw)..Work hard.Get lotsof money and sacrifice your time and put extra effort now when you still got it plenty. When u hahve a baby soon u will find its hard for u to work hard cos you are mentally drained by them and their growing process.

3)I got baby on my 6 months of marriage and since then..we do not have chance to sit down and relax and enjoy the greatness of married couple..we cant go on holiday overseas..we cant go -shopping till we dropping- anymore, i cant even get out from home without stroller and diapers bag..

i  do realized how badly i react to this kind of comments at first..

i was like...

1) u guys are pathetic! God give you happiness and give you baby! When the baby come into your life..God deliver it with rezeki and money happinness will come along the way.SO why do you guys regret having babies at the early part of your married life??

but since they have been through the process first..i now see their points..

i will no longer be bothered whether to have a baby boy first or baby girl first.

Like my wise Mom said---> Anak pertama tak boleh pilih baby boy or baby girl. Bersyukurlah dengan apa apa saja pemberian tuhan.

Mom,i love you. eventho you love along atan,pahan,ayum and adik2 more than me.HAHAHA

so now i want to cherish the moments with my newly wed husband and make mistakes together and learn from it and if babies come along the way...we will just be contented with The Lord gifts.



Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hi all..

Rasa berhabuk je blog ai..

Biasalah..xde story gempak-gempak dan tersangat busy dengankehidupan berumahtangga dan as a career woman..

Belum ada rezeki untuk having a baby so ai redha dan enjoy life of two la at the moment..hehheh

Ohya..btw..along akan bertunang on 30/03/2013 i otomatik menjadi SELF APPOINTED TUAN RUMAH DAN EVENT MANAGER?hahhaahaahaha

So nanti i update u guys ok!