Thursday, 21 November 2013

Michelle Soo Arys Pump Nak sewa atau beli pon boleh ;)

Harga:rm80 (sekali pos)

Kalau nak sewa ..almaklumlahh majlis kahwin sekali je..kasut heel memang xnak pakai lama lama kann..,boleh sewa kasut ni rm40 sekali sewa..

Nanti pulangkanla yee..
Cod:KL area atau Damansara/Sg Buuloh/PJ

Tak pernah pakai diluar rumah.

Memang brand new lah


Friday, 15 November 2013

Malas nak bangun

Malasnyaaaaaa nak bangun!!!!

And look at that sun rays!!

Kacaulaaa.sampai tembus my curtain!


Shopping day is today!

Co hubby hensem balik in few days..Kena cantik jelita,fashion up to date dan kurys murus.

Ops.Kurus tu xmungkin.


Kena extr cantik la.baru dapat mengaburi kegemukness.

Happy weekend  yall!!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My First BBT chart-Long follicular phase

Hi guys..i am still waiting for my next AF..This shou be the 2nd flow after misscarriage.But its not yet herr!It has been 35days since my last!

it seems longer than usual this time. dejavu dejavu but since i keep track of my BBT amd charted feels a bit comforming and also a relieve to see the reason..

i have a very late ovulation this month.

Oh well..Dear Hubby is not here to fertilized the egg but we shall not get too sad about it..We still have plenty of times!

There were a few symptoms that are confusing though..

I thought that i was ovulating on 14 - 15 /10
On 20/10 : Pink spotting that on and off and stop on 23/10<----- i WAS HOPING THISBIS IMPLANTATION BLEEDING!

But then on  29th/10: i have brown spotting and on and off it cames and go everyday  until  last 2/11..

It was during this time ibsaw my graph showed my rprogesterone level is high..

Now i started to feels cramps like im about to have AF..we shall see in few days..Lets hope the graph keep  heading down so i can be a normal person who are trying to conceive again...:(

So dis is the explanation and recommendation that i get from Fertility Friend  apps: