Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bleeding at 26weeks part 2


Bila dalam labour room...i was trying to be as calm as i can be.and the baby seems like she picking up my nervousness so baby pon quiet jee..

Sesekali baby kicking..

Nurse suruh londeh baju pakai baju terbalik tu ..

I was so scared.

Keep telling the baby.. "Please baby stay with mommy..mommy promise mommy xbuat lagi dah angkat berat berat ni"

Tapi baby diam jeee.nebes kot

Lepas tu Dr Arifah datang. ..luckily she is still in Tropicana so dia xpayah on call datang dan i pun xkena caj mahal..

Nurse check guna doppler tapi xdapat hearbeat


I dah panik tapi i keep calm sebab baby i memang begitu!!!

Kalau guna doppler memang xboleh dengar hearbeat dia!!

Maybe because of her position or whatsoever tapi i non stop praying laaa ya allahhhh semoga baby aku selamat nihhh..

Then Dr Arifah cakap "meh kita scan"

Dalam scan tu....

Baby comel je show heartbeat..n sekali sekala gerak slow slow manja2...xkick momy like usual..

Baby tahu ye momi tgh risau ye?

Im sorry ye baby?

Dr arifah said that no bleeding seems tp happened from inside so proly bleeding is from cervix or vagina area.

I explained tat hubby is away for 1month so there is no possible way it was bcoz of sex.

So doctor cakap maybe i strained my muscle to the limit..

But baby seems ok..

And if bleeding happen again in future..Dr akan advice i untuk emergency c sect.


Terus ai nangis kelegaan sbb baby okk..

Then i drove back home..

Member2 suh g hosp sg buloh but bcos i was too tired...i get back home.

Tapi baby still resah gelisah so fie suruh makan sket..maybe baby lapar..

True enough..lepas i tidurrr like nothing happened!!

Kesiannnn anak.momi!!!!!

Lapar rupanya!

Momi xmakan dr kul 7-11 ha!!

Elok je i sampai parking rumah..i make an emegency call to my hubby vessel in South China Sea tu..but someone else pick up..

Tapi they gonna let him noe la i call for emergency.

True enough. Hubby called back..

Im so relieved that i can hear his voice..

Lepas tu kena marah.

Lepas tu kena suruh rest .bedrest.dpt cuti 1minggu ha.

What an experience for me..

I was thinking...i got friends yang memang kebal..jalan sana sini..angkat barang itu ini...sangat gagah even bleeding pon x..

While i...on the other hand..kejap kejap bleeding..kejap kejap sakit kaki..urat penuh kt bawah bontot ni..vericose vein dah muncul dr ai 3mths lagi!!!

Bengkak and all..

Tak boleh angkat even benda y i normally able to lift tao.

So i accept my limitation.

Im gonna be as manja as i can be

I prefer to be manja n dikatakan mengada ada rather than loosing my baby again..

The pain of losing my first pregnancy will only be gone with the delivery of my second one ni..

O my precious miracle baby..

Momi love u so much..

Can wait to see u in 10weeks time.